3 Types of Electronic Security Solutions You Should Know About

The increased threat in the world has given rise to the need of installing security systems. In an extension, electronic security refers to a system that integrates electronic circuits to create a surveillance system for an area. Effective and functional, the need for the electronic systems is huge at this moment. While manual surveillance has been popular for decades, the introduction of electronic versions has proved to be quite effective. Be it a residential area or a commercial space, installing electronic security solutions is a great way to ensure the safety of people. However, choosing the right electronic surveillance system can be a task. There are three types of systems available. To know more about the same, keep reading.

Automated Access Control Systems (AACS)

Automated Access Control Systems, as the name suggests, is an automated system that controls access to areas only after verifying the lock mechanisms. This means that a person will be granted access to a place only after he/she has verified his/her identity. Biometric doors are one of the most common types of AACS in the market. Not only do these locks allow the entry and exit of people but these also keep a log of every entry and exit, even the failed ones. If someone tries to fiddle with the system, it can trigger an alarm, informing the authorities about forced entries.

Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

One of the most common and popular electronic security solutions, Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) monitors a place and keeps a video record of every action taking place within the cover range of the same. CCTVs are the most preferred electronic security solutions due to the easy use and accessibility. A CCTV consists of three components. The first is the camera which is used to keep an eye on a particular area. The video recorder is the second component which is used to capture all the actions. The third component comprises of the workstation, which can be accessed by authorized personnel (or even homeowners) to view all the recordings. CCTVs are extremely valuable when trying to secure an area from potential threats.

Intrusion Detection Systems (ID)

The Intrusion Detection Systems (ID) uses sensors that allow detecting breaches in a particular area. The moment there is a breach, the alarm triggers it off, informing every one of the trespassers. The system consists of a monitor and a Premise Control Unit (PCU). The activity as captured by the monitor is transmitted to the monitoring station. The PCU not only helps transmit information but also controls the functioning of the ID. A common version of the Intrusion Detection Systems is the home security system where the keypad acts as the PCU.

The basic principle of electronic security solutions is easy to comprehend and doesn’t require extensive knowledge to operate. These systems are extremely reliable and offer complete protection from outside threats. Choose the system that suits your need the best and get it installed today. Hire the best security service provider to get the job done of picking and installing the electronic security systems.

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