4 Equipments That Corporate Security Guards Are Identified With

Sometimes from the appearance and at times from the equipment used, we identify the profession of an individual with the help of either of these. How do we know that a person is a doctor? He/she must certainly be a lawyer! It wouldn’t have been possible to tell the profession precisely that too without a second guess had it not been for the uniform, equipment or demeanor. This even truer when it comes to corporate security guards. We identify them instantly from

1. The clothes they wear
2. The equipment they carry
3. How they speak, body language, etc.

Security guards are supposed to carry a lot of gear not only to protect themselves from external threats but also to render the highest form of protection to the property. They are cautious of any kind of threat and illegal activity and do their best to keep any unforeseen danger at bay. And without using the right gear, do you think it would have been possible?

In this blog, we’ll tell you what are the most important equipment used by corporate security guards.

1. Uniform: The first and the foremost thing that you are bound to notice about a security guard is his/her uniform. A formal shirt, a pair of pants, jacket and hat(some guards wear it) confers them their identity. And don’t miss out on their ‘shining glory’ or rather the badge that has their name written clearly. Did you know? A security guard’s uniform is made from comfortable material since they have to spend long hours wearing them everyday. Sometimes a security guard also wears a bullet-proof vest; as the name suggests, it prevents the bullet from penetrating inside the body and is a piece of vital security equipment.

2. Defense equipment: If you employ armed guards from a corporate security company, you will find the security guards carrying a pistol/revolver in their belt. They are trained to use such equipment should there be any need. Sometimes having armed security guards in your building is enough to avert any kind of untoward incident. The reason is simple – it is for the firearm that the security guard is carrying. The sight of the gun is enough to alert everyone, even if someone is lurking around with wrong intentions. Besides a revolver, a security guard may carry batons and pepper sprays too for the same purpose.

3. Security guard belt: A corporate security guard carries not one but many tools like a gun, flashlight, two-way radio and so on. Without wearing a heavy-duty security belt, it would be really difficult to keep all the equipment in one place. Hence, the primary function of a security belt is to keep the equipment in a more organized way.

4. Two-way radio: This is also a signature piece of equipment for anyone working in security services. More than corporate security officers, the use of two-way radio is prevalent among event security guards. Since many security agents will be deployed covering the total area of the event, each agent needs to remain connected to each other until the event gets over. And this purpose is best solved with a two-way radio. Using the conventional walky-talky has become outdated; now some cloud-based systems and applications that serve the purpose of a two-way radio device.

Conclusion: Using these pieces of equipment has resulted in better and more efficient security over the years. Nowadays corporate security guards are using the latest security equipment to provide top-notch security to your building and people. Should you be searching for first-class corporate security solutions, get in touch with us on www.sibservices.in

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