4 Functions of a Personal Bodyguard other than Protection

The image of celebrities usually crops up into our minds whenever there is a reference to ‘personal security guards’. This involuntary association is not wrong because whenever we see any celebrity, politician or someone possessing any valuable, bodyguards surround them and provide maximum protection by all means.

Providing ultimate security and protection is the primary duty of any personal security guard. He/she is trained in defense and possess the required experience to be an expert in this field. In some sensitive cases, just the presence of a personal bodyguard is enough to ward off any probable danger from a sinister opponent.

Apart from providing protection and security, a personal security guard can be hired for many reasons. Some of the most important ones are:

  1. Your premises are under constant vigilance- Whenever there is any need of keeping the premises of your building under vigilance, we only think of installing video and CCTV cameras and other digital devices, here and there. But these are after all, electronic tools that can malfunction or be manipulated anytime. In truth, such devices will only show footages of theft and burglary later on instead of responding immediately. While the crime rates in banks, jewellery shops and departmental stores are high, having only cameras are not enough; one should also have an on-site security guard for timely action.

  1. Efficient in crowd management– Any special event demands efficient crowd management. While event managers may be busy with the planning of the events, the aspect of security and protection can be left in the hands of the bodyguards. The hired bodyguards will assess the extent of the location and the venue and then devise the required security measures. They are also helpful when deciding the entry and the exit points; both public and private gateways are needed for the safe admission and exit of general attendees, staff and security personnel. A bodyguard is also capable of installing the surveillance cameras, handling metal detectors and other security devices when there is a rush of spectators and audience.

  1. Helps in averting crime– Did you know? It has been proven that the presence of a personal bodyguard in a local business or a retail store, can reduce the crime rate and prevent any on-site criminal activity. This is so because a personal bodyguard is trained to have a calm appearance with attentive pair of eyes and ears that help them to quickly understand the motive of your opponent. For example: if you are carrying valuable possessions while on a long journey, you can become a target of unknown assailants. In such a situation, your personal security guard provides the maximum security and eliminates the chance of getting involved in any kind of altercations.

  1. Security issues are quickly dealt- In the event of an emergency, there can be no one else to take action as quickly as a bodyguard. They are trained to handle any such situation with prompt decisiveness and will first do all that it takes to safeguard the lives or properties without allowing any damage to be inflicted. Often during an emergency, teams of security personnel have roles assigned to themselves beforehand so that they can respond immediately without further delay. And last but not the least, a personal bodyguard is also trained in confronting a criminal and fighting it out; they have the required training in physically combating a criminal till the police intervene.

Conclusion- Thus a personal security guard not only provides security but somethings beyond that. If you want to achieve a sense of complete security or maintain perfect order in workplace, hiring a personal bodyguard is a wise decision.

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