4 Important Roles of Fire Safety Management Services

It is known that adopting fire safety measures is mandatory for any building where people are living and working. It could be a school, college, office, shopping complex and any other facility where people are spending a considerable amount of time, nearly everyday. Being aware of the right fire safety practices is an individual’s responsibility; besides engaging fire safety management services, everybody should know what to do in case there is fire.

Protecting your building against fire is a very important step towards ensuring the safety of the occupants inside the building. And this can be only done by hiring professionals fire safety management services.

Below mentioned are the vital roles played by fire safety services that help to keep your building safe from fire.

1. Conduct Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)– Whether it is a school or a residential building, appointing any reputed fire safety management services every 3 months to determine all the fire risks, is an important step. By conducting this assessment, you will know if your building is safe from fire and identify the potential causes from where fire can occur at any time. After FRA is done, you can then decide the steps to be taken to secure the building against fire.

2. Is the fire alarm system working?– The function of a fire alarm system is to warn people if there is any smoke or fire. Without a properly functioning fire alarm system, it is not possible to know the initial signs of fire. You will only come to know there is a fire in the building when you see the flames roaring high! By that time, the fire will have caused heavy damage to your building. Recovering the cost of the damaged parts of the building is undoubtedly too high and so you would have no option but to leave the building in that state. To prevent such outcomes, call any professional fire safety management services to get your fire system alarms checked or replaced.

3. Are the fire sprinklers functional?– Fire sprinklers spray water as soon as any smoke or fire is detected. The main advantage of having this equipment is that fire sprinklers do not allow the fire to spread rapidly; it is put out no sooner the fire is detected. A defective fire sprinkler will fail to function when required and allow the fire to spread and create havoc. So make sure the fire sprinklers are in working condition always.

4. Are the fire extinguishers efficient?- Fire extinguishers are another important fire safety equipment; the government has also made it a compulsory rule to have sufficient functional fire extinguishers on every floor of the building. By conducting Fire Risk Assessment of your building, you will be informed the number of fire extinguishers you need, where they should be kept and what type of fire extinguishers are to be used.

Conclusion– These are some of the fire safety measures you should be careful about. Accidents are unpredictable; a fire disaster generally occurs due to faulty wiring, short circuit and prolonged use of a defective appliance. In other words, fire disaster in a building is mainly caused due to negligent behavior or irresponsible practice. You can easily avoid such a horrible disaster by hiring fire safety management services from time to time; the fire safety management officials conduct checks and repairs of the entire wiring system and the fire safety equipment. To know more about fire safety services, visit www.sibservices.in.

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