5 Effective Ways to Keep The Corporate Space Pest-Free

Okay, let’s face the truth! No one wants to work in an office that has bugs crawling everywhere. Just imagine clients walking into your office and finding creepy pests! Not only is that bad for your company’s reputation, it can potentially deem you as unprofessional for putting your employees’ health at risk. If you want to run a business properly, you need to rid it of pests.

You might engage in yearly pest control services, however, there are little things that can make a massive change to the pest problem in the office. Here are summarized 5 such tips that will help you keep the office space free of the creepy bugs.

1. Introduce policies that will prohibit your employees from dirtying the desk. They should keep their desks clean and tidy. Most people have a tendency to eat at their desk. The munching activities leave crumbles behind which are good enough to attract cockroaches and ants to the workstation. Ensure that they clean the desk of any such debris regularly. Storing of food should be avoided at all cost. Also leaving unsealed sugary drinks like soft drinks develop moist and draws pest. These should be cleared immediately to keep the ants at bay.

2. The office kitchen and pantry serve as a breeding ground for pests. Improper waste management in office is the biggest culprit! It is necessary to cover the trash can with lids so as the bugs don’t go wandering off. The can should be further emptied on a daily basis to prevent the bugs come searching for food. Even paper baskets should be emptied to ensure that the termites don’t find their way to it.

3. Lack of proper facility management can also result in bug problems. For instance, dingy cracks and holes in the wall is the ideal place for the bugs to grow. Cockroaches and rodents call these places home. If and when left unchecked, these start growing in numbers, and soon enough these will start gnawing on the wires and safety cases, which further increase short-circuit risks and ultimately fire! Hence, it is important to ensure that every corner of the office space is well-checked and maintained. Corporate pest and corporate fire services Kolkata based provide services that upkeep the workspace in top-notch condition.

4. Stagnant water and mosquitoes have a relationship that goes way back in history. Wherever there is stagnant water, you can expect a gathering of mosquitoes. So, ensure that there is no standing water in the office premise. All water sources should be checked for leaks to prevent water from standing. Water jars should be cleaned frequently to forbid mosquitoes from breeding in there.

5. Indoor plants add to the aesthetic appeal of the office and keep the air purified, however, only when you properly care for it. Algae, weed and fungi will start growing on the plants if the leaves and roots are left unchecked. Not only do these pests harm the plants, but they lay eggs everywhere, spread pollen and cause mould infestation. Also, standing water can attract mosquitoes as perfect breeding places. Hence, ensure that plants are watered properly and regularly.

To conclude, if you truly want your office to be pest-free, it is of utmost significance that you undertake these simple yet effective precautionary measures. You can hire experts to keep a check of the bugs and rid it when necessary. A well-maintained office will have happy employees and happy employees ensure prospering business. Thus, keep the office bug free!

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