Best 5 Tips to Maintain your ATM Machine Efficiently

With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, lives have become simpler and trouble-free compared to what it used to be say ten years ago. One such invention that has impacted our lives positively is the ATM machine. This device may look simple but performs the most important function- providing cash anytime, anywhere. Imagine how our lives would have been if there was no ATM? Simply unimaginable!

ATM machines are actually complex electronic devices that are composed of a million tiny parts. These parts help in the smooth operation of the whole device, ensures a free flow of cash and operates according to the given instructions. To prevent breaking down of the ATM machine due to any glitch, it is important to perform ATM maintenance services on a monthly basis.

So what are the various parts that you need to maintain for the continuous functioning of the ATM device?

  1. Screen– The screen is the first vital part of the ATM device that needs to be cleaned regularly. People are continuously putting their dirty imprints on the screen that leave stains and stubborn marks. So use a soft and damp cloth to regularly clean your ATM’s screen. If it is a touchscreen, it is best to use an antisepetic wet wipe to not only render the screen clean but also to kills germs.

  1. Card reader- This portion has piles of minute magnetic stripe particles, dust and also skin oils from the user’s hands. It is due to continuous and frequent use of the ATM machine. To get rid of such dirt, simply use a wet cleaning swab and clean the card reader part of the device.

  1. Cash dispenser- This is the portion from where loads of currency notes exit the device in a relatively short time. Dust piles up in the dispenser as well as the rollers may run dry dispensing notes at such fast speed continuously. All you need to do is blow out the dust and lint that has accumulated on the dispenser, using a can of compressed air. If recommended by your ATM manufacturer, use a good lubricant to make the rollers smooth while dispensing the cash.

  1. Safe– The ATM gets loaded with currency notes everyday and this is the area where the cash is stored. Although this part has a lesser chance of getting dirty than the other parts of the ATM, but still you need to check the hinges at the door and the casette lids. So lubricate the hinges as well as put some light oil on the cassette lids so that both runs smoothly. Also, make sure you replace the battery of the safe after consulting the manufacturer of your ATM.

  1. Operating system- Just like a computer’s memory, the operating system is also your ATM’s brain and soul! In other words, this is the memory part of your ATM and so you need to keep it free as much as possible. To make the memory available, simply print your journal regularly and keep it with you for at least a year. You can refresh your ATM’s operating system by re-booting it.

Conclusion- These are some of the easy tips to maintain the surface functioning of the ATM. What really matters is the internal function and it can be done only by professional ATM maintenance service providers. So maintain a schedule and fix an appointment every month to service your ATM inside out so that it keeps helping people under any situation.

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