9 Effective Tips To Prevent Fire In Corporate Spaces

According to the National Crime Records Bureau Data, accidental fires claim almost 62 lives every day in India. A total of 1,13,961 people have died in fire accidents during the last five years.

Just as surprising as the numbers are, very little effort is taken to prevent fires, especially in office spaces. In spite of the numerous rules and regulations introduced by the officials, corporate offices take no step to meet these laws. Faulty wires, overloading the circuit and lack of regular inspection are the most common causes of office fires.

Every ignition has a source point and slowly builds from there. If a fire goes unnoticed, the result can be devastating. Not only does it cause damage to the property, but the potential threat to human lives is extreme and devastating.

Though most of the corporate offices in India give evacuation training to their employees, there is no harm in maintaining an extra bit of safety and security. Here are 9 effective tips that can help prevent fire in the corporate spaces.

Tip 1: Make sure that you practice good housekeeping methods. Organize the office properly by de-cluttering the emergency exits. Make sure that the employees have access to the exits. Keep the corridors clean to avoid tripping and falling if and when there is an emergency.

Tip 2: Designate specific smoking areas in the office. Keep the ashtrays away from electrical wires and circuits. Ban smoking in storerooms or storage areas where the chances of catching a fire are high. Ask your employees to respect and follow the rules.

Tip 3: Have ample of extinguishers in the office. Hire the appropriate extinguishers from corporate fire services Kolkata based providers. Train the employees on how to operate an extinguisher during an emergency.

Tip 4: Report any and all kind of faulty wires to the electricians. Replace the old electrical appliances with the latest ones. Most of the office fires start from either faulty wires or malfunctioning electrical appliances. Keep these under check to reduce the chances of starting a fire.

Tip 5: Access to the electric panel should be easy so that electricity can be shut off easily. Also, make sure that the circuit is not overloaded. Corporate buildings that host multiple offices often change the electrical plans of the floor according to their need. The operation of multiple electrical appliances like air conditioners, computers, fans and lights on every level can cause the main circuit to get overloaded, and spark a fire. It is important that everyone in the building pays attention to wiring and consult experts before making changes.

Tip 6: Install smoke detectors and sprinklers in the building. Versions that showcase the latest tech are available with fire management providers. Also, test the sprinkler systems annually to ensure that they are working fine.

Tip 7: The pantry area should be kept clear of any such items that can catch fire from the electrical appliances like coffee makers, and refrigerators. Keep the cleaning towels in a separate storage area to maintain safety.

Tip 8: Pay attention to combustible and flammable waste materials. Do not let such materials accumulate within the office space. Ensure to clean the office regularly. Any such waste that can ignite fire should be disposed of the premises immediately.

Tip 9: Hire experts to check the fire prevention system frequently to ensure that everything is under control and updated. Also, ensure that annual fire escape training is conducted to educate the employees about the urgency of the situation. You can hire reputed providers of corporate fire services Kolkata based.

Fires can be devastating, but it can be controlled by following these effective tips. Rather than panicking, try to ACT- Access the Situation, Choose Your Immediate Response and Take Appropriate Action.

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