Achieve great event security with these 4 effective ways!

With the crime rates increasing day by day, especially terrorist attacks, ensuring security is the need of the hour. Security is needed everywhere- whether in home, school, office, college, malls and even during an event. Talking about events, security planning plays a vital role in pre-event duties. If you are an event organizer, you must be knowing how much important is event security management to make sure there is no damage to any property or life during the event. By ensuring good security for your event, you can avoid serious legal complications later on.

So while you do your best to make the event a grand success, do remember to emphasize on the aspect of security so that the event is successful in a safe way. So what are the best tips to increase the security of your organized event?

  1. Know the venue thoroughly- It is important to know the venue extremely well before the event takes place. For this, check out the entry and exit points. You should also know the porous level of the venue; the term ‘porous’ refers to an alternative place from where people can enter apart from the entry points. It could be a reserved door for the staff or a large window. You can create a sketch of the venue with all the entry and exit points and present it to your team so that there can be security at every point. Should the event be in an outdoor venue, make sure you have strong barricades and temporary fencing posted.

  1. Look into attendee risk- It is an obvious fact that any guest or attendee can pose a risk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform a background check on every ticket buyer. Nevertheless, as an event organizer, you must identify any probable risk. For example: if you have a guest speaker belonging to a political party, there are chances of agitation and protests that could become violent. One more thing, be aware of those attendees who buy tickets in bulk; it could be for their fellowmen who would participate in the protest.

  1. Crowd control- This is an area of expertise of any popular event company who are qualified to control the large crowd. The personnel needs to be trained to handle a large number of people and display an authoritative attitude as and when needed. For effective crow management, your security team needs to ask guests to move away from the exit points, to prevent guests from entering into only-staff areas and also in VIP zones. Make sure that the number of people doesn’t outnumber the capacity of the venue, to accommodate so many people. Also, don’t forget to count the total number of staff and security personnel for easy identification.

  1. Examine all the possibilities of large-scale attacks- Terrorists or any kind of attackers always target areas that have large crowds. To make your event highly secured, you need to appoint armed security personnel if it is a large event. There should be strict checking of all the attendees like their bags. For the best event management, it is wise to hire a competent event security service.

Conclusion- Security is important for all kinds of event-big or small, corporate or informal one. After all everyone wants to gather peacefully and make the event memorable instead of fearing for their lives. So hire the best agency for corporate event management in Kolkata and have a safe event ahead!

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