Armed Security Guards – What Are the Vital Skills & Qualities

Security guards play a vital role in our society today. Be it outside a shopping mall, corporate building, residential complex or your neighbouring school, you can find uniformed man/men standing and monitoring everyone who is entering the premises, enquiring their purpose of visit or patrolling the building. Without any doubt, continuing business, education or any profession wouldn’t have been easier without the presence of efficient security guards amongst us. Moreover, security guards are not just of one category – there are armed and unarmed security guards as well. Should the location of your building be at a high-risk area or your business requires additional security, hiring armed security guards in Kolkata is a feasible option without a second doubt.

With so many security companies claiming to provide the best armed security guards, choosing a reliable company is like picking a needle from the hay, isn’t it? But don’t worry! We are here to make things easier. Here are the crucial qualities and skills that you must look for when hiring armed security guards.

Skills and Qualities to Look for Before Hiring Armed Security Guards:


1. Training: Training is crucial when hiring armed security guards. After all, it tells you if the security guards have undergone proper training to make them suitable for the required job role. Besides knowing how to handle a critical situation, for example: if there is any disaster like a fire accident or a crime occurs on the premises, he/she shouldn’t deter from taking the right steps immediately. To be precise, the security guards shouldn’t think twice to use an arm should the situation demand it.

2. Experience: Experience speaks volumes about the armed guards who are likely to be hired. Their high level of experience bears testimony to their competence in handling various threats and scenarios. Whether you require armed security guards for a residential building or office, the kinds of situations they have handled before and if they are suitable enough for this job, is proven from the previous track record.

3. Honesty and integrity: Security guards stand out for their trustworthiness, be it armed or unarmed. At times, a security guard requires to work alone and this is when their honesty is tested. Security guards are identified for their honesty and reliability. When security guards are functioning in your building, everyone should work or stay in peace rather than worry about safety threats or risks. Crimes taking place inside the building despite the presence of armed security guards implies an absence of honesty and integrity in their character. So, how will you know if the company providing armed security guards in Kolkata, uphold these traits? Check their experience, client testimonials and reviews, we say!

4. Communication: Armed security guards with exceptional competence but poor communication skills makes them ineligible for the job. Having proper articulation skills is paramount in a security guard, armed or unarmed. He/she should be able to comprehend the situation and articulate it to the others, including management, clients, employees and even enforcement bodies. In a moment of crisis, unless an armed security guard properly communicates the immediate steps to be taken by the occupants of the building, the situation could get worse and out of control.

Conclusion: Choosing reliable armed security guards in Kolkata or elsewhere, is an arduous task no doubt. Surely you want to hire armed security guards who prove their capability and deserve appreciation for the role they play. Besides, ensuring the safety of your building and people is an essential requirement, given the increasing crime rates. Thus, remembering the above-mentioned skills and qualities can be of great help in picking out armed security guards. To know more, call us @ 91-33-25692800

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