Why Should your Building have both Visible & Hidden CCTVs

by admin | February 25, 2019 |
Category: electronic security
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You must have come across such news where the criminal had escaped easily without any traces behind in spite of having electronic surveillance. This is the common outcome when the criminals know where the surveillance cameras are installed. When you ...

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Get Rid of these 5 Delusions about Security Guards Today!

by admin | February 23, 2019 |
Category: security service
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One of the most commonly sighted people of a particular profession is the security guards. We see them almost everyday, either guarding the premises of a corporate building, keeping a watch at the school or college gate, conducting security checks in...

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4 Functions of a Personal Bodyguard other than Protection

by admin | January 22, 2019 |
Category: security service
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The image of celebrities usually crops up into our minds whenever there is a reference to ‘personal security guards’. This involuntary association is not wrong because whenever we see any celebrity, politician or someone possessing any valuable, ...

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Why Management Services are Required for Your Facility

by admin | January 14, 2019 |
Category: facility management
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Housing societies, companies and organizations hire facility management services for the completion and execution of regular activities that pertain to management and maintenance. The main responsibility of various facility management services in Ind...

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