Why Should your Building have both Visible & Hidden CCTVs

You must have come across such news where the criminal had escaped easily without any traces behind in spite of having electronic surveillance. This is the common outcome when the criminals know where the surveillance cameras are installed. When you are planning to hire electronic security solutions, you may have a dilemma whether to install a covert or a visible CCTV camera. To be specific, there are both pros and cons for visible and covert CCTV cameras.

However, if you decide to have concealed CCTV camera, make sure you have a visible one too. For the best results, it is advisable to hire electronic surveillance services that will help you to provide total security to your property.

Here are some benefits of having visible CCTV cameras for your property:

  1. Honesty is the best policy for some people & it is sustained- The main purpose of installing a CCTV camera is to refrain people from committing any form of unacceptable acts. Also it compels people to follow the path of honesty. Knowing that CCTV cameras are there on every floor, petty crimes can be easily prevented. For example: in a multi-store that is spreads over a large area, it is not always possible to keep an eye over every customer. A shoplifter can easily take advantage and try to steal an item. But with a visible CCTV camera installed inside the store, shoplifters will remain alert and will think twice before putting anything inside their pocket. Moreover, the surveillance cameras will also discourage employees from committing inappropriate behavior or acts and in this way law and order will be maintained inside the facility.

  1. Avoid litigations and proceedings- Many people try to cheat their customers in one way or the other; some try to extort money from the retailers on illogical grounds and it can turn into an ugly spat between the two. Hiring one of the leading CCTV Installation Services in Kolkata, will provide added security to both the staff/employees and the customers against any fraudulent and suspicious activities. It will also impart a sense of value on both sides. In short, any such issues can be immediately resolved without straightaway involving the court, police or legal procedures.

  1. Provides a sense of security– Needless to say, a CCTV camera adds a sense of security to the facility and allows people to work in a safe environment and free mind. For any company, its employees form the basic strength and so everyone is considered to be a valuable asset to the company. All the activities can be monitored and there is a visible drop in the crime levels. In residential spaces also, homeowners can keep an eye on anyone who is entering or leaving their house, with whom are they interacting and so on.

  1. Collection of evidence- Another main purpose of installing a CCTV camera is that it is useful for the collection of evidence. For most of the times, criminals think twice before committing any nuisance but there are some bravehearts who take the chance to commit wrongdoings and get caught on camera. It is during such times when a CCTV becomes the most useful too; it helps to gather evidence against such acts that can be used as major aids in solving a crime.

Conclusion– Thus hiring a reliable remote security solution is the stepping stone to protect your facility from the occurrence of any kind of crime. Also do not forget to check the footages when there is an indication of theft or any other crime. It is said that ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’ but when you have surveillance cameras in your building, ‘a CCTV camera is mightier than a sword’!

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