E-Surveillance Manager

Skill Required:

  1. Development & design of Hardware, Analog, Digital, Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, RF& Bluetooth.
  2. Knowledge with Wireless Protocol
  3. Understanding with IOT, Machine Learning, Micro Services, & AI
  4. IP Camera & Video analytics
  5. Optical Fibre laying
  6. Depth knowledge of CCTV Operations
  7. Experience in Fire Panel and Electronics Security gadgets
  8. Prior Experience in Central Monitoring System
  9. Communicate and provide solutions to client as and when required
  10. Engage in R&D
  11. Identify and engage in vendor empanelment of S&IB at Client Portal
  12. Updated knowledge of new products and solutions in market
  13. Quotation preparation, Client visit if required, Business presentation

Job Experience:

5 years to 6 years