Fulfillment & Operations Manager

Job Responsibilities:
1) Manage Delivery teams- Recruit, train and supervise delivery team.
2) Monitor and maintain operational budget for the delivery department.
3) Create cost effective distribution plans and efficient routes for deliveries using mapping softwares.
4) Negotiate new contractracts and maintain deadlines of shipment.
5) Ensures that operations requested by the client comply with transportation standards.
6) Coordinates logistics/operations in accordance.
7) Selects carriers and vendors according to clients’ needs and specified criteria.
8) Suggests solutions when operations problems arise.

1) Min 10 years experience in courier industry.
2) Exposure in middle mile operations, sort Centres and mother hubs.
3) Experience in managing freight/cargo/courier.
4) Proficiency in MS office.
5) Good geographical knowledge.
6) Analytical knowledge and decision making capabilities.