How commercial-spaces can be protected by corporate security-guards?

Corporate security-guards are hired not only for protecting the commercial premises but for safeguarding corporate-staffs as well. Commercial security guards in Kolkata are very much sincere and they always discharge their responsibilities with complete dedication.

Importance of commercial security-guards:

  • Crime-handling at corporate-spaces is very much essential and without the assistance of corporate security-guards it is simply impossible.

  • The office-staffs will feel highly secured and they can peacefully concentrate on their respective tasks without having any fear in mind.

  • Outstanding customer-service can be received along with protection. Professionally trained Commercial security guards in Kolkata have got special trainings to deal with different challenging situations.

  • Your corporate-spaces will now remain under continuous surveillance. This surveillance will help in preventing any kind of criminal activities within the corporate-spaces.

  • Modern security-guards work in shifts and thus 24-hour protection can be enjoyed. Therefore, your workplace will remain secured all the time even during weekends, holidays and strikes.

  • Huge crowds can be easily managed by these guards. They know how to prevent crowds from entering the premise forcibly. Riots, mob fights and crowd crushes can be easily controlled by these security-crowds.

  • Corporate security-guards can now represent your company’s brand in an innovative way. Corporate guards usually wear company-logo oriented outfits and this is how people will come to know about your concern.

  • Intruders cannot enter your property without your permission as thy will be stopped by the guards at the gate only.

  • Quick response-timing is ensured by these guards and this is how probable threats or damages of your organization can be prevented.

How security of corporate-units is ensured by these guards?

A wide variety of exclusive security-services are now getting offered by professional security-guards of corporate-units. Only physically-strong guards are chosen for corporate-security. In most of the cases, these guards are equipped with licensed arms for tackling critical situations occurred on a sudden note. They receive intricate training regarding bow to defend intruders. Some valuable security-solutions provided by these guards are as follows:

  • ATM or bank security.

  • Pest control.

  • Fleet management.

  • Security audit.

  • Loss prevention.

  • Risk analysis.

  • Payroll management.

  • Soft-copy protection.

  • Vault facilities.

  • Electro-mechanical maintenance, operation and installation.

  • Janitorial and housekeeping services.

  • Industrial and corporate security.

  • Executive protection.

  • Access control of electronic-devices.

  • Pick-up services.

  • Dog squad.

  • Payee-name updating.

  • Manpower outsourcing and office support.

  • ATM-cash replenishment.

  • ATM guard.

  • Logistic services.

  • Security training.

  • Fire evacuation and control.

  • Event-security management.

  • Investigation services.

  • Disaster and crisis mitigation.

  • Women security.

  • Cheque encoding and clearing.

Why to hire SIB for high-end security-solutions?

  • Different innovative and customized security-solutions are offered.

  • SIB maintains a long-term relationship with their clients and this is how they maintain a great sustainability.

  • Upgraded security-solutions are offered.

  • They have got a strong customer-care service for resolving clients’ queries.

SIB gives special trainings to their security-guards. Their security-guards have outstanding technical-knowledge and thus thy can operate safety-devices easily. They play a significant role in reducing crime-rate from corporate world.

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