Essential HVAC Duct Cleaning Amid COVID-19: Why It Matters

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus has forced the population around the world to stay within the safe confines of their homes. With schools shut down and offices encouraging their employees to work from home to adhere to the social distancing directives as given by the authorities and health officials, it is imperative to ensure the convenience and comfort of a home. Besides, public places and commercial and corporate houses that have started functioning anew also suggest the necessity to secure greater health security and safety at such premises.

The in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd are aware of this, which is why they have devoted this entire article in an effort to highlight the necessity of HVAC duct cleaning during COVID 19 time.

The necessity of HVAC duct cleaning during COVID 19 time:

Anti-microbial treatments:

AC filters are responsible for catching a variety of air pollutants. However, some small bacteria and microorganisms that slip through them grow and breed inside the air conditioner as the air conditioning coils warm up. That harm indoor air quality when these bacteria get into air ducts. HVAC duct cleaning can help you eliminate and repel bacteria from polluting your indoor air quality.

Increased filtration:

The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus has made us aware of the significance of being prepared for any unforeseen contamination, diseases or viruses. With that said, HVAC duct cleaning is an excellent way of eliminating indoor allergens and contaminants and enhance airflow throughout your HVAC system. Besides, with the increased filtration ability, HVAC duct cleaning is great for optimizing the efficiency of your HVAC system and intensifying the air quality indoors.

Better indoor air quality:

Many homes and businesses are currently using the standalone air purifiers and HEPA filtration-type systems to maintain the temperature of a space. Although it is practical for a compact space, the HVAC system acts as a giant air purification system for an enormous space.

As the world adheres to the social distancing directives furnished by the health authorities by staying within the safe confines of their homes, the indoor air quality will have a significant effect on their well-being. Thus, HVAC duct cleaning becomes a notable step in the same direction.

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