Did covid-19 change the way facility management operates?

The coronavirus outbreak has stimulated change in various industries around the world, causing us to centre our focus on the health and wellness aspect of our way of living and businesses. That has further lent concentrated attention on the ways that facilities management processes and services are delivered.

While requiring to carefully consider initiating tailored plans to meeting the specific facility management requirements of the clients, the facility management operators had to alter and adjust their existing functioning process to meet the need of the current unprecedented situations.

To understand how covid-19 has changed the way facility management operates, the in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd has curated a list below. Keep on reading to learn more on the subject from the industry experts themselves.

Ways in which covid-19 has changed the facility management operation process:

Inclusion of Digital Technologies:

As firms and workplaces are beginning to reopen, health safety is becoming a significant concern for the occupiers. With more focus on health and wellness at the workplace and from amenities and services offered by companies, facility management providers must embrace the latest technology to improve the workplace experience and undertake health, and wellness initiatives. Besides, there is a growing need for automation in the facility management business process. That makes it essential for facility management providers to leverage data for sounder decision making, capital planning and facilitating the workplace experience for employees and customers alike.

A shift towards Intuitive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence:

While automated buildings are gaining pace in the industry, smart technologies have been the force leveraging the same. Here is where facility management providers utilising intuitive technologies in post-Covid-19 times will deliver efficient and intelligent facility management services to their clients. Besides, every asset or device within the building, such as lights, sensors, windows, HVAC units, doors and CCTV, having a unique identity and all fully integrated into a network will be able to automate business parks, office spaces, shopping malls, apartment complexes, warehouses and other public areas much more efficiently. Further, automation will similarly facilitate health safety and wellness factor in all the facility management business process.

Wellness and Improving User Experience:

The current pandemic situation has magnified the need among the firms for paying attention to the health and well-being of employees in commercial firms and more. As organisations are increasingly investing in their effort of ensuring a safe working environment to their employees, in the long run, the facility management providers are required to furnish wellness programs that boost productivity, attract talent and reduce the risk of health hazards to their client’s premises.

Hence are the most notable ways in which covid-19 has altered the process of facility management operations in the current times as perceived by the in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd.

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