Effective integrated management services are the need of the hour.

The current pandemic situation has made us understand the importance of one-stop solutions in all walks of life to help us find what we need at our convenience and ease of accessibility. Integrated facility management services are an excellent example of the same.

Considering the necessity and significance of effective integrated management services in the present scenario, the in-house experts at the S&IB facility management wing have devoted the entire article to expand on the subject. Keep on reading as we explore every aspect of the integrated facility management services.

What is integrated facility management services?

Consolidating all facility management services under a single outsourced team of experts is known as integrated facility management services. It includes everything ranging from security, housekeeping and janitorial services, e-surveillance, outsourcing, repair & maintenance to front office management and more.

Why is it presently important?

At such uncertain times when people are being sceptical of appointing new professional assistance, fearing exposure to the virus, for every management need, a one-stop solution for all facility management services from a reliable provider becomes advantageous. Besides, integrated facility management services are efficient for boosting the overall efficiency of the services while also enhancing the “smart building” factor of the property.

Why choose S&IB facility management services?

As a reputed and ISO: 9001:2015, ISO: 14000: 2015, OHSAS: 18001: 2007 certified service provider in the field of Integrated Facility Management since 1985, we take pride in our strength of 25,000 plus trained and properly evaluated personnel, serving in 4500 plus pan India locations.
Our wide range of services includes:

  • Housekeeping & janitorial services
  • Pest control
  • Swimming pool management
  • Guesthouse upkeep & operations
  • Gymnasium upkeep & operations
  • Mall management
  • Water tank & pit cleaning
  • Landscape & gardening
  • Facade cleaning
  • Property maintenance
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Civil maintenance including painting
  • Pump operations & maintenance
  • Generator operations & maintenance
  • CCTV camera installation & maintenance
  • Water treatment & refrigeration plant maintenance
  • A.C plant operation & maintenance
  • Carpentry
  • Front office management
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Mobile tower security & maintenance
  • Pantry services
  • Transition management services
  • Departmental store – end-to-end solutions
  • Laundry services

Being an integrated facility management service provider, we ensure the best management of the spaces regardless of who owns it. We endeavour to provide personalised, clear and considered services in all key areas of work.

Are you looking for reliable integrated facility management service providers in the country? Contact us today!

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