Effective money logistics can save your money

While an average of Rs 50-80 billion worth of cash are being transported regularly by money logistics companies nationwide, companies are yet to take advantage of the same to make their business process all the more cost and time effective.

At S&IB Services Pvt Ltd, we understand this which is why we have taken upon ourselves to bring into light the advantages that an effective money logistics can afford to companies as per as saving money is concerned. Read the article below to learn what the industry experts have to say on the subject.

Ways in which effective money logistics can save your money:

Interest benefit:

Immediate crediting of all deposits by money logistics to the client’s bank account help them reap interest benefits from the same.

Save time and staff capacity:

Manual counting of cash requires additional staff capacity and is a time-consuming process. Hiring a money logistics service provider enables enterprises to save their time and staff power for the same.

Cost savings through targeted and less frequent trips by cash-in-transit operators:

Money logistics service providers enable enterprises with a tailor-made cash-in-transit to accommodate a business’ specific needs. With these targeted cash-in-transit operations, the money logistics providers empower firms to make the process both cost and time effective.

Eliminates the need to explain discrepancies as in the case of manual cash counting:

Money logistics service providers use automation and other higher security devices to help reduce the risk of loss and theft by eliminating touchpoints in a business’ cash-handling processes. Besides, they further facilitate operational efficiency and cost savings. Effective money logistics eliminate the need for employees to spend less time training or having to learn complicated, often outdated cash-handling processes.

Convenient access to cash and data:

Effective money logistics facilitate transparency of the whole process with streamlined and automated processes and solutions. With the enhanced convenience of accessing cash and data, businesses are capable of making an informed decision and scale their businesses as per the requirement of the time.

Overnight vaulting of cash and bullion:

Effective money logistics enable enterprises to transport and deliver the money and other valuables of the organisation without requiring additional security systems or staff for the secured completion of the task. That empowers businesses to save their money while also enabling them to eliminate the need to expose themselves or their employees to the risk associated with the same.

Reduces operating cost:

From wrapping, sorting, checking the quality of bills, and others to the transportation of cash from one location to another, require considerable human capacity, security equipment and above all, money to avail all of that. With an effective money logistics, an enterprise can lessen the operational cost as they pay for the services at once and do not have to worry about maintaining and monitoring the same in the long run.

Hence are the most notable ways in which effective money logistics can help a commercial organisation save their money and become efficient by streamlining the entire process.

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