Event management safety and security during covid-19

Are you wondering how to manage your big event amidst covid-19? Keep on reading the article below to learn from the industry experts themselves.
Covid-19, pandemic, social distancing and quarantine has been the dominant theme of our lives and conversation for the past eight months. The general mode of life has come to a halt. Similarly, large social gatherings and events of all type were at the periphery of the regular social life. However, now things have started to settle down as we are getting accustomed to the “New Normal.” Commercial and private events are again the talk of the town.

It is worth noting that the safety and security of an event are of great concern of every industry since times immemorial. From managing a considerable crowd to securing vital information regarding the firm, a small misstep can cause a notable disruption to the image of the company concerned. Further, the current situation demands some addition and alteration to the already existing safety and security measures to be followed during event management.

Considering which, the in-house experts at S&IB services Pvt Ltd has carefully created a list of measures to follow during event management safety and security during covid-19.

Measures to follow during event management safety and security during covid-19:

Inclusion of intelligence-led security:

The event managers should be able to navigate the corporate function through multiple probable scenarios and align threat management protocols and standards to any event. The event management providers should have a clear understanding of the potential risk as well as mitigation measures to be conducted during an event.

Different events will require different sets of security measures:

Public event during covid-19 will pose distinguishable security and safety threats as opposed to a commercial or business event. The choicest event security service provider should be able to furnish a set of security measure suitable for the type of event. That may include crowd management, identity verification, temperature check and more.

Communication is the key:

Blending hospitality and safety roles will play a pivotal role in ensuring the security and safety of an event by any event security service provider during covid-19. However, for doing so, communication skills will be essential. Considering that event security providers will have to handle long queues for conducting temperature checks while also managing the huge crowd and more, without proper communication, be it internal or external, will be problematic to achieve.

All-round security:

The current situation demands that event security providers be able to provide physical protection to their clients during an event. However, it further necessitates them to be able to protect the information of the event against the risk of information theft along with protecting the event attendees against the exposure to the virus. Security screening and health protection infrastructure apart from physical and intellectual protection of an event against all possible threats should be in focus among event security providers amidst the current pandemic situation.

Leverage technology:

Event security providers should be able to utilise technology to increase their service efficiency. They should be able to recognise the advantage of using technology for event security in reducing waiting times, lineage and queuing while further facilitating distanced queuing, passive scanning, minimal physical interaction with people or belongings, and more.
Trained professionals: Event security providers should have a team of professionals skilled in implementing, communicating, rehearsing and enforcing standard operating procedures for ensuring best security services to their clients.

Ensure the strength of security:

The core team of an event security provider should be able to assess, communicate, manage and mitigate possible threats during the event with optimum proficiency. They should be able to successfully implement standard operating procedures and supporting operations at all levels.
Hence are the most notable measures to follow during event management safety and security that every reputed event security provider should adhere to during covid-19. Besides, the above pointers might also prove useful for individuals considering hiring event security providers for managing their upcoming events.

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