Everything You Need To Know About Plumbing Services

Many might wonder why plumbing services should be prioritized in a workspace? The answer is an obvious yes. A faulty faucet or clogged drainage system may play havoc. Not only from a financial perspective, but also from other standpoints. Unpleasant odor, mold, disruption in sewage and drinking facilities are affected by clogged drainage and leaky taps. Building management often have to field complaints from employees and tenants, especially during monsoons. There are two types of plumbing – residential and commercial spaces. Damaged plumbing systems may hamper the structure of the building. Mosses, algae are removed using modern hydro systems.


Let’s summarize some important pointers related to plumbing services:


1. Leakage detector

2. Water pressure and system

3. Chemicals used

4. Garbage disposal

5. Sewage maintenance

6. Repairing and maintenance

7. Using adequate tools

8. Outdoor domestic plumbing

9. Instruction on right usage 

10. Routine maintenance and checks

11. Water softening and filtration

12. Repairing gas plumbing, valves and pipes


Instruction on right usage

Many often mistake plumbing to be just water or drainage related issues. But it’s so much more than that. Plumbing services also include advising people on the right way of using. Professional plumbers always stress on not flushing grease into the sink. Food waste, sanitary products and other solids should never be flushed. They should instead be disposed of in bins. Oil, solids and big food wastes clog even the sturdiest pipes and drainage system. Awareness should thus be rightfully conveyed to the employees, tenets.

The correct installation of urinals, checking for loose plumbing go a long way in preventing major accidents. These checks should also be made.


The rights and wrongs

Implementing the correct methodology in plumbing is an absolute necessity. A competent plumber looks for probable leaks and flaps accompanying the sink valves. These valves if not shut off at night may cause unwanted accidents in the form of bursting of pipes. A dedicated person from the building complex should always know where the main water connection is. He should know to switch on or off the connection in case of an emergency. During maintenance checks, the plumber should teach these to the caretaker or manager. All this comes under plumbing repairs.

Many caretakers often use certain chemical compounds to treat blockages. Professional plumbing technicians from trusted places like S&IB discourage this activity. The chemicals may help in clearing the blockages fast but they also cause the decay of pipes. The shelf life of pipes and sewage lines is highly affected by these cleaning compounds. Another important pointer is knowing when to replace or renovate. Not all damages in the drainage or plumbing system require repair; overhaul is mandatory. Again in many cases complete renovation instead of repairing is detrimental. A competent professional knows when exactly what is needed.


A range of plumbing services and repairs are provided by reputed organizations like S&IB. This particular service is provided under facility management, repair & maintenance and other service categories by S&IB. We also do tests to check the quality of water on request, besides regular drainage repair and maintenance works.