Facility management services and its future potential

With the new trends of globalization encroaching upon almost all the various industries gradually, facility management is also included and is not an exception. Moreover, facility management is a sector that is preparing itself for a major transformation to sweep through in the upcoming 5 years.

Stiff competition has prioritized several things in all companies, whether big or small; these are employee satisfaction, competent management and quality infrastructure. The facility management is a sector that involves everything- from real estate to medicine to education. When compared to the developed countries, facility management solution in Kolkata still growing. The large-scale and various markets as wells as the resources available in a geographical region are the main sources of revenue of the facility management. India still has to walk a long path when cognizance of the market and how much users are ready to accept the available services are concerned.

Let us look at the scope of growth of facility management service in the coming years.

Defensibility- Due to the increasing effects of global warming in the present, the future scenarios will more worsen because of its impacts. As a result, the need to construct sustainable and defensible buildings will be more in order to become energy efficient. Solutions that are sustainable in nature will be more in demand and so the facility management sector can expect a surge in this respect. There will be additional demand for smart building design, efficient management, proper maintenance and system design and all these can be only executed by a well-equipped facility management solution.

Advanced technology- Technology and its effects have a great impact on society from now itself. Almost every sphere of our lives is dominated by some or the other technology. One such sector that has been significantly enhanced with the latest technology is the mobile tower maintenance company. Till now, there is a visible increase in economic growth, new industries, productivity and abridged poverty owing to the use of advanced technology. But after a few years, it is expected that technology will take us to an all new level providing more features, abilities and advantages. Devices like Near Field Communication (NFC) sensors, smart robots, security operation is expected to step in the field of facility management. In short, with the introduction of more new and advanced technology, it will bring major improvements in work quality, reduce the need for labor or manual work and offer great accuracy.

Improved health and welfare- The importance of workplace health is steadily growing with each passing day and there is no doubt about how it will become the most important in the upcoming years. There are recent reports that show a rise in the employer’s expenditure on the health of the employees. Besides, with the introduction of new technologies and designs, buildings are already being constructed that cater to the well-being and health of the workers. This emerging trend, known as ‘Wellness Architecture’ , is expected to grasp the industry culture in the future. Facility management services will play a major role in incorporating the trend of wellness architecture that includes the introduction of more flora, implementing workplace designs according to preference and many more.

Conclusion- There are new trends that are coming up and it will continue to do so with each passing year. Facility managers have a vast role to play in implementing these trends intelligently in various areas like mall management, janitorial and housekeeping services, security solutions and many more.

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