Ultimate Guide to Fiber Optic Cable Security: What You Must Know

Recently, security has emerged as a vital topic for common concern among individuals from all walk of life. With so much attention gathered by this sector, demand increased that led to several technological advancement and introduction of efficient and novel technologies. However, being at the other end of the purchase as a buyer, one may not be as acquainted with the jargons involved in it. That sometimes hinders the ability of the buyer to make an informed decision in his endeavour of finding the right security option that fits his needs. Considering the same, S&IB has decided to devote this entire article to help you learn one of the significant technology used in the security mechanics by highlighting how it works.

Fibre Optic Cables:

Consisting of strands of glass fibres inside an insulated casing, fibre optic cable is a network cable designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking, and telecommunications. Further, it has greater efficiency in providing higher bandwidth and transmitting data across long distances as opposed to wired cables.

How is it useful for enhancing security?


Manageable to install, it improves the efficiency of controlling pan, zoom or tilt functions of the cameras apart from monitoring the data of the same.

The unlimited range for cameras:

Unlike the coax cable with a limited distance capability of around 300 meters, fibre optic cables allow an extensive range for cameras. Besides, it enables centralized recording and monitoring functions to heighten the convenience factor of the surveillance process.


With the availability of cameras with direct fibre optic connections along with the convenience of conversion of the analogue or digital electrical signals from the cameras to optical signals through inexpensive adapters, fibre optic cables ensure long-term cost-effectiveness.

Better-quality transmission:

Resistant to electromagnetic interference breaches of any kind, Fiber optics enable a secure and superior quality of data transmission.

Ease of connecting other devices:

Fiber optic cables allow the efficient and smooth integration of any security device beside security cameras, such as intrusion alarms and more through media converters.

Do you need to implement the same to help you secure your home and business?

Fibre Optic Cables empowers heightened security owing to its resistance to external interference and offers extremely high bandwidth. It further enables more reliable quality of data transmission, exempted of the interference from lightning strikes, short circuits, crosstalk, EMI or RFI. Besides, it is highly resistant to the interference from high voltages in fluorescent lights, card-access door strikes or outdoor lighting systems. It’s a lightweight feature coupled with enhanced stability within a wide temperature range and long service life, makes it the choicest option for installation in the home and business surveillance and security systems.

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