Get Rid of these 5 Delusions about Security Guards Today!

One of the most commonly sighted people of a particular profession is the security guards. We see them almost everyday, either guarding the premises of a corporate building, keeping a watch at the school or college gate, conducting security checks in the shopping malls and or personally protecting a VIP on his/her way. Although we see security guards in reality and in movies also, we are hardly aware of the reality about them.

Most of the people have misconceptions about security guards. On an additional note, there are various categories of security guards that are hired from the most reliable security guard agency in Kolkata or elsewhere, on a daily basis. The main goal is to provide security to ordinary people like us so that we can get on with our work in an uninterrupted manner.

Let us look at some of the popular misconceptions about security guards so that you can get rid of them quickly:

  1. Security guards are public employee like others– Many people think security guards as a public employee like other professionals; they must be associated wih the emergency services like police, EMS or fire. But that is not true. They are hired by private business owners through security service providers in Kolkata. They are a separate group and are not associated with either fire services or policemen, whatsoever.

  1. All security guards carry weapons- This is again false. Only some security guards are allowed to carry weapons like guns. Such guards are called ‘armed security guards’ and they have undergone rigorous training in a reputed security guard agency. They also have the license to carry the weapon at every place and use it when the situation demands it.

  1. They are uneducated and unqualified- This is considered to be the biggest misconception. On a positive note, security guards are only employed after training. Unless they meet the standard qualifications of the security services in Kolkata, they will not be granted employment and placement. One thing that must be remembered is that although they are not police officers officially, they are well aware of the local laws and can immediately handle any sudden break out of crimes.

  1. They need constant supervision- It is a common belief that security guards have to watch constantly to know what is going on. But that is not so; they are quite subtle in their work and you never know what will be their next move! They work with the coordinators and plan an effective strategy. Then they follow that strategy to ensure that everything is being executed just the way it was planned.

  1. They behave rudely with the public- A personal security guard is supposed to protect the life of a single individual in the best possible way. If the VIP is clustered by common people who are disobedient and aren’t aware of how to behave, it is the duty of a personal security guard to strictly ward off such stubborn and adamant commoners, for the safety and security. Otherwise security guards are trained how to interact with common people who may be customers, visitors and so on. They do not lose temper at the threat of any potential danger and instead guides the people towards a safer place in a calm, firm and steady manner.

Conclusion- Without a security guard, our everyday lives in the office, school, college and even leisure time at shopping complexes would have been difficult. So the next time you pass any impertinent comment about a security guard, think twice.

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