Housekeeping services in Kolkata during Covid-19

Have you been wondering how the current pandemic would change the landscape of housekeeping services in Kolkata? Keep on reading the article below to learn from the industry experts themselves.

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has crystallised the importance of cleanliness to ensure our safety from the deadly virus. With that in mind, housekeeping services have emerged as the foundation of our security under the tentative clouds of the current times.

With so much at stake, commercial estate holders and private residents across the country, have been on the search of reliable housekeeping services to help them ensure the safety of themselves, their loved ones and their most valuable customers.

As the country is beginning to open up and start functioning anew, the need for housekeeping services has emerged likewise. Besides, since the country-wide lockdown, numerous employees of multiple firms such as hotels have either migrated back to their hometown or are not in service at the moment. However, the general thumb rule of simple cleaning to make the facility look elegant is not enough during Covid-19. That is why individuals and businesses in cities like Kolkata are dealing with the tribulation of finding the choicest housekeeping services amidst the pandemic while also keeping up with the need for additional scrutiny on what makes a room clean, and safe.

The in-office housekeeping experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd have curated a list of possible changes in housekeeping service in Kolkata during Covid-19 to ensure you get the choicest service with excellent professionalism in consideration to the current situation.

Possible changes in housekeeping service in Kolkata during Covid-19:

Increasing deep cleaning efforts:

Housekeeping services in Kolkata are presently incorporating disinfection protocols and frequent antiviral cleaning of public high touch areas throughout the property as well as the hotel guest rooms to mitigate risks. The service providers are including the step of determining a plan of action, implementing effective hygiene protocols, educating the team about SOPs, carrying a clear line of communication, and proper execution of each duty by the employees.

Opt-in versus opt-out for housekeeping:

The housekeeping services in Kolkata for the commercial estate are refraining from providing in-room services to their guest during the stay. They instead provide towels and toiletries in the room based on the number of nights and guests in a room. Besides, when a guest would request for more items, it is left outside the room by the housekeeping staff themselves.

Use of safe items for cleaning:

Amidst the pandemic situation, guests are extra attentive to their need for meeting their cleanliness standards during their stay at a commercial estate. The housekeeping team must incorporate advance cleaning products to ensure that the exposure to microbes is properly mitigated within the client’s property. These advance cleaning supplies, coupled with protective personal equipment, include AI-enabled cleaners to enable contactless cleaning and more.

Enhance communication for cleanliness:

Proactive communication is an essential part of housekeeping services in Kolkata during Covid-19. From informing and addressing employee concerns to using property management software and integrated automation system to ensure a safe guest experience at the client’s property. The housekeeping services in Kolkata are tending towards clear and open lines of communication at all levels.

Extensive use of technology:

Housekeeping services in Kolkata during Covid-19 are leveraging technology for multitasking, streamlined communication, and cross-team collaboration. Besides, automating room assignments, scheduling turnovers and re-prioritizing work is further possible with the proper use of technology. Incorporating technology additionally enhances the ability of housekeeping service providers in the city to flag rooms, identify group codes and implement any precautionary deep cleaning measures as necessary.

Hence are the most notable changes that are dominating the housekeeping industry in Kolkata amidst covid-19.

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