Introducing automation to your business

Automation of all types has earned quite an attention in the industry. Especially in times of the current pandemic where companies are endeavouring to run their businesses while adhering to the social distancing directives, automation has become the most suitable option.
Considering the same, the implementation of automation in security systems is only plausible. Automation driven security systems are practical for eliminating the predicaments of lack of skilled security experts, understaffed security and operation teams and more.

The in-house experts at S&IB decided to devote this entire article in an effort to highlight and elaborate on how automation can be implemented in security operations of a business to enhance the protection of the office premise and its employees.

Introducing automation to your business security systems:

Smart Security Management System to secure location:

Automation allows smart building management opportunities by enabling various features ranging from centralised access control solution to smart parking management solution and more. From centralising and simplifying the controlling, monitoring, operation and management of various building management services from air-conditioning to ventilation and more with the help of a micro-processor based system, it further allows the practical monitoring of the in-flow of visitors from the instant they enter the premise until they exit from the same. Additionally, automation also allows for Smart Phone-based parking management application to achieve faster, easier and denser parking of vehicles.

E-surveillance System:

From smoke detectors and various other sensors to alarms and other smart CCTV solutions, automation can serve to intensify the way security operations function. With automation, security alarms, sensors and smart CCTV solutions send an auto-generated notification of a security threat to the central monitoring station from wherein which the local police station is informed of the same. Security threats that might escape the notice of a human agent in other circumstances are brought to notice by the smart SMS based home automation security system and QR based attendance system features of an automation-driven security system.

Smart CMS solutions:

With smart CMS solutions, the CCTV camera, smoke sensors, door sensor and panic button are all connected with a smart panel. From this smart panel, the accumulated data is then stored in the internet cloud, which then sends it to the server to transfer it further to the dashboard of the CMS user. As the CMS user detects any potential threat from the accumulated data, they can escalate the alarm depending upon the escalation matrix. That saves time and help the security management team to take instant and appropriate action based on the seriousness of the threat without creating undue chaos and unrest within the premise.

Hence are the most fundamental ways in which automation can enhance and facilitate the functions of the security systems of your business.

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