Is your Central Monitoring System equipped to deal with the risk of Covid-19?

Initially, as malls, offices, schools and commercial buildings were left deserted after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the threat to the security and safety of the assets within these establishments were increased manifold. Besides, at present, as the regular flow of life has begun anew, it has nevertheless brought with it the peril of health safety, along with the already known risk to physical and intellectual asset of a site.

A Central Monitoring System used amidst the pandemic situation for protecting the valuables of a place from any possible threat by allowing the security management team or individual view the movements within the premise from a single screen. It further allows the team to take appropriate measures to mitigate the possibility of a threat from any unusual activity within the establishment.

Similarly, the experts believe that Central Monitoring technologies will restrict interpersonal contacts and the resultant risks of exposure for people to the coronavirus. However, despite the general belief, there is, nevertheless, a recurring concern in the market regarding the efficiency of the present Central Monitoring System against the novel risk imposed by the Covid-19. If you are also concerned about the same, this article curated by the in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd is for you. Keep on reading the article below to learn from the industry experts themselves.

How to know if your Central Monitoring System equipped to deal with the risk of Covid-19?

Contactless monitoring solutions:

To mitigate the risk of the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, one should adopt contactless monitoring solutions. The efficient way to do this is to have a central monitoring system that allows the smooth, intelligent and effective integration of all other security and safety devices within a building.

Focus on early-detection and real-time data:

The central monitoring system used during Covid-19 should be adept at detecting and providing real-time data of any unusual happening. That will boost the safety of the place against any possible threats against the well-being of the occupants.

Health emergency action solution:

Usually, CMS are responsible for detecting the breach, missed object, left object, fire or more, and raising the alarm coming from a massive number of alarm panels. However, monitoring solutions that can keep pace, adapt to specific needs of a biothreat and integrate with other systems and devices to create central hubs for monitoring are the essentials of a central monitoring system during Covid-19. Intelligent central monitoring systems with branched-chain logic will react to responses and automatically tailor the interventions for the enhanced health safety of occupants of a site.

Ensures subject safety, data quality, and data integrity:

The outbreak of the Covid-19 has emphasised the need for heightened monitoring to boost the security, data quality and data integrity of individual and commercial sites. Central Monitoring System should be able to define proactive response mechanism as per predefined rules in case of any breach and possess E-maps that shows the status of all cameras, devices and alerts.

Hence are the essentials of Central Monitoring System equipped to deal with the risk of Covid-19 as observed by the in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd.

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