Job Security & Safety even in the time of crisis: Promises the Managing Director of S&IB

Over two decades, S&IB has been deeply engaged in community work. The present COVID-19 situation has called all corporate citizens to take an effort in helping the government to fight against this pandemic to save the nation and its people. The Managing Director of S&IB contributed an amount of 5 lakh rupees to the Chief Minister Emergency Relief Fund and an amount of 50,000 rupees to the Ramkrishna Math. Furthermore, the administrative staffs of the company voluntarily contributed their one day’s salary to a relief fund to help those struggling with uncertainty & poverty.

Additionally, the company has also made small contributions to the society by arranging transportation, food and shelter for all our staffs who were stuck due to lockdown.

Soon after the announcement of 21 days lockdown by the Prime Minister of India, Shyamal Karmakar the Managing Director of S&IB Services Private Limited, assured all his 20,000 plus employees that the company’s first priority will be to keep all its employees safe and healthy.

When the whole nation is going through such difficult times of lockdown, Karmakar assured, “It is indeed a difficult time for all of us, but as a family we’ll overcome this. None of my employees will have salary cuts or lay-offs. We are looking for innovative ways to continue our services and to engage all.” The lockdown has not brought financial difficulties but has developed a stress of uncertainty. The managing director made sure that at least 90 percent of his employees got their salary in advance. One of the employees mentioned, that Karmakar has been personally calling individual to know about their family’s health. His motivated words have worked as moral support for all his employees during this crisis period.

At S&IB, building long term relationships with all stakeholders have always been prioritised by keeping promises and trust. Along with employees, the company is playing an active role in assuring to keep its commitment to all its clients. Over the last few weeks, the services rendered and the initiatives taken by S&IB has been well appreciated by many.

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