Mobile tower maintenance company: Guidelines to follow for tower installation

Mobile devices are one of the most popular electronic gadgets on the planet today. These wireless devices rely on the radio waves from towers to communicate wirelessly. Each mobile tower needs to undergo regular maintenance without which their functionalities would suffer. Here are some important guidelines that every mobile tower maintenance company must follow while installing a tower.

Mobile tower maintenance services guidelines


According to the Environment (Protection) Act of 1986, service providers need to adhere to the following rules to install and maintain mobile towers.

  • Children and patients are more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation than other people are. Therefore, installing a base station antenna is strictly prohibited within the premises of hospitals and schools.

  • Antennas are liable to disengage and fall off during natural calamities, such as storms or earthquakes. This is why installing mobile towers in narrow lanes is restricted. In the event of such unforeseen disasters, antennas in narrow lanes can lead to severe accidents and injuries.

  • A mobile tower maintenance company must ensure that the installed tower maintains a distance of at least 3 metres from nearby buildings or constructions. Additionally, according to the guidelines, such a tower must never directly face a building. Lastly, the lowest point of the antenna should at least be 3 metres off the ground.

  • If a locality has multiple transmitters, the service provider should try to share a common tower infrastructure. This coordination is possible with the help of a nodal agency.

  • Access to the antenna should be strictly restricted to the general populace. This can be achieved with the help of wire fencing and locking the roof door. Even maintenance personnel should only access the tower site for a limited period, just as long as they need to complete the work.

  • Another guideline to follow involves the use of warning signage around the base station antenna. These signs should be visible clearly from far away, which would prevent unaware people from reaching too close to the tower location.

  • Warning signs should clearly state that even maintenance personnel should avoid staying near the tower for longer duration. Texts, such as ‘Danger! RF radiations’ or ‘Restricted Area’, can work wonders.

  • Maintenance personnel who come into direct contact with radio frequency devices should take special precautions for the same. Gears and clothing that help reduce the harmful effects of these radiations are mandatory for both maintenance workers and operators of the Base Station Antenna.

Keep in mind that these guidelines have come into effect due to the immense threat that electromagnetic radiation poses to human beings. Even a small mistake could potentially result in deadly consequences.

Effects of electromagnetic radiation poisoning


Workers in every mobile tower maintenance company are aware of the potential risk of radiation their job poses. Cancer is the most common and the most severe health condition that has been linked to radiation exposure. Studies suggest that even using mobile phones can be a cause of cancer. This indicates just how much radiation a mobile tower emits.

Maintenance workers may need to perform operations near the mobile tower every day. This is why sufficient protective wear is necessary to keep them safe. Additionally, completing their work within a set period further reduces the risk of radiation exposure. Follow the guidelines to stay safe and keep others safe as well. To avail our services, call @ 033-25692800

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