All that you must know about electronic security solution

There is no doubt about the fact that the present crime rates have far more increased than in the past years. As a result, the need for a safe living has also heightened and this explains the role of electronic security solutions. With the advent of technology, providing security has become simpler, convenient and effective. Electronic security comprises various devices like surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, metal detectors, access control, facility protectors and many more. Certainly, we owe our gratefulness to these devices which keep us safe and our facility secured against any external threats.

Before you choose the best type of electronic security solution, let us gauge into some important facts:

What are the functions of an electronic security system?

The function of an electronic security system is precise and effective. These are:

1.  Electronic security system plays a vital role in all kinds of facility- school, college, offices, corporate or residential buildings. It monitors and restricts the entry and exit of unauthorized people that may threat the security of the facility and disrupt the business or activities of the occupants of the building.

2. Besides, electronic surveillance services also help to identify any assailant or criminal and take the necessary actions.

3. These devices are also used for evidence against any crime: for instance, post an incident, the police can check the CCTV footage to see the people who were present on the crime spot.

What are the various types of electronic security system?

Electronic security system comprises different technology that depends on the purpose of usage, functions and necessity. The different kinds of electronic security devices are:

1. CCTV surveillance devices– These are actually CCTV cameras that keep the entire facility under vigilance. The cameras are the main soul for powerful and effective CCTV surveillance. Each area of the facility features in the cameras that are monitored by the security officials. Moreover, the devices also save and record all kinds of surveillance data. CCTV surveillance systems are not only limited to cameras but also monitors, network contraptions and IP cameras. All these equipment work together to render the safety and protection of a particular area within the facility. The crime is detected through the camera followed by the ringing of the alarms after the cameras, that are connected to the CCTV system, send signals.

2. Access control system– The access control devices are especially required for office premises. From the name itself, it is suggestive that this system restricts the entry of people except those whose fingerprints are saved in the system. This system can be used with other surveillance equipment for better security results.

3. Intruder alarm system– This system immediately identifies if there is any unrecognized entry of a person inside the facility/property. With a combination of cameras and sensors, it provides additional security even in places inside the facility that might be overlooked.

4. IP surveillance system– This system is a step ahead of CCTV surveillance system in the sense that the video footage is recorded by the IP camera and then the footage is dispensed in an IP (Internet Protocol) network. The advantages of using this system are: easy to use, improved image quality, enhanced search capacities and many more.

Conclusion– Ensuring the safety and security of people at home, students in educational institutes and employees in corporate buildings is utmost important. To achieve effective results in the provision of maximum security, opting for CCTV installation services in Kolkata is an intelligent decision. Remember! Only a secured and safe environment can generate great and positive results. If you are interested to know more about electronic security solutions, visit

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