What is the need of integrated facility management services in corporate world?

Integrated facility management services have now strengthened modern corporate-structure to a great extent. These services are usually being outsourced for bringing a peaceful and uninterrupted business administration. If you want to discharge our company activities peacefully then you have to outsource facility-services to any reliable and registered service-provider.

Key advantages of outsourcing:

  • Data-driven service-solutions can be availed.

  • Overhead and management duplication can be eliminated.

  • Core-business focuses can be easily enhanced.

  • Administrative or management related expenses can be effectively reduced.

  • Client or customer satisfaction can be increased.

  • Innovative services can be accessed with ease.

  • Facility-services of different types are being integrated properly.

  • Procurement processes can be optimized.

  • Better practices or innovations can be made.

  • Teamwork can be promoted and company-staffs can be organized nicely.

  • Resources can be well-utilized with the use of technology-platforms.

How these services contribute in business-growth?

If you want to get an improved corporate ambiance then nothing can be the best option other than having the best integrated facility management services. These services will offer the best comfort and security level to your office. Office-staffs can now work peacefully and safely without getting affected by any inconveniences. Some of the best facility-management services that can make your office benefited are as follows:

  • Janitorial or housekeeping services.

  • Swimming-pool management.

  • Pest control.

  • Property maintenance.

  • Gardening and landscaping.

  • Facade cleaning.

  • Carpentry.

  • Logistics and transportations.

  • Generator maintenance and operating services.

  • Pantry services.

  • Refrigeration-plant maintenance and water-treatments.

  • Front-office management.

  • Maintenance and installation of CCTV-cameras.

  • Pump maintenance and operation.

  • Guest house management.

  • Mobile-tower maintenance and security.

  • Maintenance of Air-conditioning functions.

  • Pit and water-tank cleaning.

  • Painting.

  • Civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance.

  • Maintenance and Upkeeping of gyms.

If you are really planning to expand your business then you have to outsource these services to any efficient and reputed facility-management company. Your business growth and progress are highly dependent on the effective integration of the above services.

These services basically add a great functional value to your office as a result of which your business progresses.

If these services are integrated and managed well, then any critical challenges can also be efficiently dealt by your company. Moreover, your business will get a strong footing and on the other hand you can make addition of more and more prospective clients.

Why to rely on SIB for these services?

SIB has currently been recognized as a leading provider of facility-management services in the industry. Reasons why the company is acquiring more and more corporate clients are as follows:

  • Wide network or connections.

  • Huge manpower support.

  • Excellent statutory compliances.

  • Improved development and training unit.

  • Discharges corporate social-responsibility.

  • Upgraded security-solutions.

  • Provides customized services.

SIB always maintains a great transparency with their corporate-clients. They have an amazing monitoring-team who monitors the total process of integration and management of facility-services of clients. Some additional services offered by SIB are manpower outsourcing, payroll management, banking support, fire control and commissioning and erection services.

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