Parameters to Hire Good Corporate Security Guards

Engaging security services is a priority for any business owner. If your business space is replete with private information about your company, sensitive data, expensive software and hardware, gadgets and other things, you have a strong reason to have the services of a reputable corporate security company. Protecting your business and addressing the safety concerns of your employees, clients and customers are not your duties but responsibilities as the business manager. With the rapid rise in crime rates, keeping your business space unattended might invite unwanted risks and dangers.

For your convenience, in this blog, we will enumerate a few factors to remember when hiring corporate security guards.

1. Check the background: Before hiring a security guard for your corporate building, make sure you check the background thoroughly. Consider the qualifications of the security guard – the degree of training he/she possesses, how the guard responds to the various emergencies, the arms that the person can use and so on. Refrain from hiring a security guard with even the smallest criminal charges.

2. Equipment: The corporate security guards must be allowed to have access to surveillance monitors, CCTV cameras to render maximum protection for your facility. Should you have armed security guards, do not forget to provide them with strict protocols that they must adhere to all the time.

3. Timings: Most corporate organizations demand 24/7 security, especially if it is a large business. If you too require security services round the clock, the guards must be hired in multiple shifts. Perhaps you can appoint 2 security guards for 12 hours a day. To bring some change, you can have the guards placed in multiple locations of your facility.

4. Remuneration: When you are hiring the services of a well-known corporate security company, it is already known that you need to pay a good amount. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be aware of the factors that decide the salary of security guards. Consider factors like:

a. Experience
b. Skill
c. Training
d. Armed/unarmed
e. Working hours

All these factors will help you to decide the final remuneration of the security guard.

5. Behaviour: You cannot expect security guards to be friendly but at the same time, he/she must not behave impolitely with others either. They should be considerate enough to help visitors entering the building for the first time or attend to an emergency situation promptly. Regular employees or visitors should not complain about a security guard’s misconduct or unobliging attitude. If such a complaint is reported, do not delay in replacing the security guard.

6. Reliable evidence: If your building is struck by any unfortunate incident like theft or burglary, the corporate security guards must be able to provide accurate information and details about the incident. The evidence will help to claim insurance and identify the criminals.

Conclusion: Professional security guards are trained to provide the best protection for your facility. Be it a man-made activity (theft, robbery or vandalism) or a natural disaster (fire, earthquake, etc.), the professionals whom you will recruit from a reputable corporate security company must meet your demand for effective security. To know more about our corporate security services, visit us on

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