Parking management is convenient with automation

Parking management is one of the major concerns of every part of our society, even more so for commercial and business organisations of the country.

With advancement and growth taking place, the number of cars has increased rapidly while the efficient parking land for the same is shrinking with every new building and other infrastructural developments.

That is where smart parking management such as the one offered by S&IB Services Pvt Ltd can be of great help. The article below penned by the in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd is an effort to underline the convenience and efficiency of managing parking spaces in a premise by using the automation-based smart parking management systems.

What is Smart Parking Management System?

It is an integrated parking management system which brings together all the stakeholders to provide a comprehensive solution
through a Smartphone-based technology. As a Smart Phone-based parking management application, it is convenient for achieving faster, effortless and denser parking of vehicles.

How does it work?

The application allows its users to park the vehicle by scanning a simple QR code. It furthermore supports an accessible entry and exit at the parking lots. This data-driven service obtains information about available parking spaces in a particular geographic area. Smart Parking Management System enables its clients to expand their suite of services. With minimum hardware dependency, it can incorporate all their existing parking equipment to reduce operation costs.

Perks of a Smart Parking Management System:

Facilitate Parking:

The application considers various factors such as the size of the vehicle, weight, etc., to enable drivers to find the most convenient spot available for parking. It is efficient for saving time, effort and resources.

Eased Congestion:

This smartphone-based parking management system empowers decongestions of vehicles around the parking area, creating more space for traffic flow around the parking lot.

Driver’s convenience:

With the ease of a universal and flexible parking management system, it empowers drivers to conveniently spot the most suitable space for parking from anywhere, anytime in a single interface.
Enhanced safety: Data analytics feature of the application enables users to monitor, control and detect violations and suspicious activities around the parking lot.

Operational and management cost efficiency:

The application can incorporate all existing parking equipment while having minimum hardware dependency. That makes it the most cost-efficient solution for parking management.

Easy payment through the online payment mode:

Smart Parking Management System empowers drivers to seamlessly pay for parking spots in a moment. Besides, the digitised pay-&-park, shared, & reserved parking system calculates the real-time parking price based on parking availability information and publishes the parking price to the drivers.

Hence are the most noted advantages of a smart parking management system that every commercial and business organisation can benefit from to enhance the efficiency of their working environments. With this universal and flexible solution, it is convenient to manage parking spaces from anywhere and anytime in a single interface.

Do you need professional assistance to make your working environments all the more efficient? Contact S&IB Services Pvt Ltd for automation-based solutions, specifically designed to suit the unique requirements of your business.

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