Payroll services: A crucial component of integrated facility management

What are payroll services? HR professionals think that payroll services are what essentially make salary disbursements, and payments easy. The more employee-serving the payroll software is, the better it is for the HR team. 

Payroll software: Why it’s a favorite for HR Professionals?

From the human resource point of view, payroll management is a boon. It makes employee handling a lot easier. Many software are equipped with important features like attendance marking, leaves/holiday monitoring, employee contact details, etc. In big organizations with very large teams especially, it is difficult to stay connected with members from different teams. This kind of software makes it easy to reach out to different employees from different teams. Another important feature is that employees can directly handle these kinds of software on their own. They can check their salary status or deductions in real-time.

How payroll services are interconnected with integrated facility management services?

An organization needs many different kinds of basic tools for its smooth operations like cleaning, repair & maintenance, logistics, installation etc. All this falls under the purview of integrated facility management services. In many ways, payroll services are a part of integrated facility management. Every operation or service whether outsourced or handled internally requires payment. Monitoring payments is directly a part of payroll services. Thus, this makes payroll a subset of the broad category – integrated facility management. Hence, in modern operations, many term payroll as integrated payroll operations.


What are the features of an ideal payroll system?

Payroll systems come with a host of features that help in smoothing business operations. These can range from individual specific features like

  • face recognition,
  • fingerprinting,
  • password protection,
  • location tracking

To basic features such as

  •  attendance marking,
  • holiday listing,
  • work hours monitoring
  • Leave applications and more.


The software is mostly cloud based with end-to-end encryption. An ideal software should be accessible from both smartphone, tablet and laptop. An ideal payroll system also includes most importantly an integrated payroll system with complete breakdown of the salary structure like total CTC, tax deductions, ESI & PF deductions, along with tax filing support. FAQs about navigating through the application along with blogs or manuals are helpful for both the employees and HR. Calculations of salary should also be possible through the salary. Errors in compensation calculation can be expensive. So, the goal is to have an error free application that ensures timely calculation. 


Is there an ideal payroll management software? Fortunately, the answer to this question is a straightforward “yes”! Even though variable factors like company policies are involved, payroll software could be aligned to them along with necessary information like employees’ names, contact details, salary structure, compliance policies, deductions, taxation alerts etc. S&IB has been providing such services for over a decade to many organizations across India. If you require any of these, do connect with S&IB. Call them at 9674160560! You can also check their social media handles:

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