5 Residential Maintenance Must-Knows for Facility Management

The maintenance of a big housing complex can be tough if you are not using proper integrated facility management services. It allows you to centralize the various operations and maintenance issues under one authority for better upkeep of the building.

Companies that are engaged in providing facility management services to residential complexes require a wide range of skills. It is important that there is a seamless communication between the service provider and the clients for a smooth operation.

The facility manager who is looking after the integrated facility management service should be able to spot any problem related to the infrastructure or the facilities. This will allow the manager to accurately gauge the severity of the problem and then chalk out an effective plan to solve it in double-quick time.

There are several companies that offer facility management services in India. Before you hire any one of them to take the responsibility, make sure the manager knows a few important things.

1). The main objective of the maintenance service provider

The maintenance manager should have an overarching view of how to ensure a seamless functioning of all the residential facilities. Additionally, the manager should keep himself/herself informed regarding the basic requirements of the client. These needs could include a spick-and-span workspace, efficient running of facilities and lower operational cost. Once the maintenance manager identifies the essential requirements of the job, then an effective plan can be put in place to provide the best possible services.

2). Create an effective plan for your company

The manager who is looking after the maintenance issues of your building complex should create a customizable plan specific to your workspace. Any manager who is entrusted with the job of maintaining the facilities of a place must always stay ahead of the curve. The manager should know that all equipment and systems require regular maintenance otherwise they will create inconvenience. Therefore, the manager should identify a problem even before it occurs to provide a smooth and uninterrupted service to the clients.

3). The best way to anticipate new issues and then solve them optimally

Experience and skills are necessary for the managers who are in charge of maintenance to look out for any problems that could inconvenience the client. They should be extremely flexible with their approach and prioritize the problems according to their acuteness to formulate a good plan of action.

4). Rules and regulation applicable to the facility

Facility managers take their orders directly from their clients. However, they also have to obey the laws and regulation enacted by government regulators. The laws regarding the building and its facilities must be followed thoroughly, especially if the building where facility management services are to be provided is in a high-risk industry.

5). Stay updated with the latest trends in facility management

Facility management, just like any other service is witnessing adoption of newer technologies and techniques. The facility manager should be able to keep his/her knowledge base updated to keep pace with the change. Nowadays, automation of systems has allowed the facility manager to control different aspect of maintenance service remotely with the help of Internet of Things (IoT).


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