Security Personals at Banks during Pandemic! How They Ensured Seamless Banking Operation

The year 2020 was indeed an era of nocturnal darkness. With the COVID outbreak in China & later on having spread across the globe, the entire oblate-spheroid faced the tumultuous effect. With a plethora of lives being taken away & the economies of respective countries brought to the nadir, the world witnessed a virtual paralysis.

The wrath of the global Pandemic in India-

  • India was not spared of the wrath, and with the rising populace, the cases in the country rose in geometric progression.
  • Like every other country, social distancing was the need of the hour, and individuals were confined to their dwelling.
  • Protocols designed by WHO & the government authorities bore favorable results.
  • But somehow, the emergency services, be it hospitals, banks, and ATMs, had to operate in full swing. During the pandemic, we had read & seen about the first line of warriors.

Security Personals Deserve Special Acknowledgement for Valiant Task during Pandemic-

The doctors, bankers, food & parcel delivery personals did a valiant task for society and deserve accolades for the combined effort. Amongst these first lines of warriors there are o security personals also posted at hospitals, banks, post offices & other emergency units.

We have congratulated the doctors, bankers, road cleaners but have not appreciated the onerous task put on by the security guards. In this blog, we will deal exclusively with how they have put their best foot forward in keeping banking operations seamless. Here in this blog, we will let our readers know how these brave hearts ensured banking operations remained systematic, risking their own life.

  1. Responsible For Avoiding Commotion
  2. Ensured Senior Citizens Are Prioritized First
  3. Helped Individuals Get Treatment If anyone complaint of illness
  4. Ensured Customers Get Water while Standing in long Queue

 1.Responsible For Avoiding Commotion-

During the first phase of the pandemic, there was a massive rush in the banks when nationwide lockdown was announced. As the duty hours were limited and the workforce was also restricted maintaining decorum was the key in order to avoid mad rush.

Social distancing was the need of the hour. Keeping at close proximity was supposed to be a cardinal sin. It was not an easy task, and bank officials never had the license to take up the onus of crowd management. It was the security officers who ensured that individuals dropping at the bank are keeping distance. No such commotion occurs amongst the customers, as a bit of negligence can drive towards a more significant negative impact.

Thanks to the security personals for taking up the initiative of maintaining a smooth operation. We have seen how banking personals have operated with risk. It was the security personals who ensured that every customer receives quality service without disrupting the COVID protocols. At times we have seen massive rush at banks, but somehow commotions were avoided with the proactive initiative of the guards.

2.Helping Senior Citizen Get A Fair Chance-

We have seen many old age individuals dropping in at banks & security personals ensured that the needs of these individuals are catered first. Having seen the guidelines set forth by WHO, it was always a responsibility to guarantee that individuals above the age of 55 are looked after well as they are quite prone to get affected.

Security personals posted at banks were quite cooperative and made it sure that fair treatment is meted out. As responsible we need to put our best foot forward & help old age people, and the security guards precisely did.

They were giving thanks & congratulating these lion-hearted individuals are not enough. They have put their best foot forward not only for their respective organizations but also for the country. The efforts put on by them are impeccable & unparalleled.

Ensured Customers Receive Water In The Long Queue-

During the lockdown in India, we have seen many nervy incidents that brought shivers to the spine. To avoid all sorts of negative approaches, security officials posted at banks ensured that each customer is checked through thermal guns and given sanitizers.

During April, the heat was unbearable, and Individuals had to stand in the Queue. Fortunately, it was again the security personals that came to the rescue. Adequate water was catered to the customers in disposable glass as and when required.

A grand gesture shown by the guards at banks & this positive approach of catering water to the customers, especially during the scorching heat, is commendable.

Conclusion– The security personals have helped us in tandem to keep banking operations run smoothly. They have risked their own life for better management and the welfare of the nation. They have lived up for the more significant cause and deserve paean. Congrats & thanks to all these courageous warriors.