Unlocking Success with S&IB’s Central Monitoring System

Using the latest security equipment is the need for every company. Afterall, the productivity and operation in your business are ensured better when you have an updated security system. Not only will you be alerted about all kinds of errors but also it will enable you to monitor other devices, applications, infrastructures and services.

Central Monitoring System is a type of security systems that regulates the daily activities of banks and ATMs and while rendering maximum protection.

How does our Central monitoring system works?

A Central monitoring system constitutes an integral part of banking security solutions. At S&IB, our Central monitoring system works meticulously ensuring security in every step. The modus operandi of our Central monitoring system includes:

  • We have a Central/dashboard panel at S&IB where we receive all the generated signals.
  • When the shutter of a banking facility is opened, a signal is first generated and also the instant footage of the person opening the shutter is recorded. Both the recorded footage as well as the general signal is sent to our Central and dashboard panel. On receiving these, we forward them to the zonal head of that particular bank through a SMS.
  • Our Central monitoring system service is also available for banks that provide vault facility to their patrons. Generally a vault comprises of 2 doors – a normal door and a specially secured one. Upon opening the normal door, along with the generation of a signal, the person’s footage is recorded in the CCTV. Both the signal and footage are sent to our Central panel from where we covey it over to the highest authority of the respective bank via SMS. The use of motion sensors is the reason why the other door is known as ‘specially secured’. These sensors record any kind of undetected movement and if there is, it works the same way as the normal door.
  • Again at the time of closure, the vault is protected with a special password. In case a trespasser tries to intrude illegally without proper password, our Central monitoring system detects it and sends an instant alert to the authority. The next day, the vault can be unlocked again using the proper password.
  • Also, if any assailant breaks the CCTV, the instant footage is recorded and transmitted to the Central panel of S&IB.
  • Our Central monitoring system also empowers the ATM facilities. Every ATM has a unique code. So when it is opened to load cash and closed thereafter, we receive the alerts through our Central monitoring system both at the time when it was opened and closed.
  • According to the government mandate, every ATM is equipped with a thermal sensor. So, any attempts to break open the machine with a gas cutter or similar like it, will generate heat sending off the thermal sensor alert. As a consequence, a signal will be generated and we will receive the notification at our Central panel.

We also provide all the codes/signals that had been generated within a particular month if the bank presents us with such a request. Besides, our Central monitoring system service is not only available for banks and ATMs but also businesses dealing with ornaments or having vault facilities.

Should you require our Central monitoring system service, contact us on 033-25692800 or visit www.sibservices.in

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