Things to consider before hiring personal security guard at S&IB services Pvt Ltd

You have decided to hire a personal security guard service but not sure how to go about it? Keep on reading the following article to learn from the industry experts about the things to consider before hiring personal security services.

Every time we hear the term “Personal Security Services” we instantly conjecture the image of a politician or a celebrity. Who else will need a personal security service, right? Wrong. An individual that feels the need for own protection may opt for personal security services irrespective of their profession or social standing.

Considering the same, one may ask that since this service is for all individual, what are the mandatory steps that one should follow before hiring personal security services. The in-house security experts at S&IB Services Pvt Ltd have curated a list below to help you in the process.

Things to consider before hiring personal security guard services:

Determine your security needs:

An individual is advised to create a list of detailed requirements along with a carefully curated list of daily risk before approaching a personal security guard services. Personal security guard services offer several services and may specialise in some while not render the others. Being aware of your specific requirements will help you choose the fittest service provider for the task.

Opt for a licensed and certified personal security service provider:

Being a personal security guard requires robust training as per PSARA guidelines and further certification process through NSDC training programme and more. Without going through a standard selection process maintaining guidelines of PSARA Act’2005, one is not to be appointed as a professional personal security guard. Besides, when you are appointing a personal security guard, you are letting them take the responsibility of your life. That makes it imperative to have a licensed and certified personal security service provider to ensure they are fit for the task.

Expertise in handling technology to ensure heightened security:

In today’s world, technology plays a crucial role in intensifying the security and safety of an individual. From mobile monitoring apps to other remote surveillance systems, a personal security guard should be well acquainted with the latest technology to ensure heightened security services.


Reliability plays a significant role when choosing a personal security guard for an individual. Since personal security guards are responsible for the live security of the individual, it is essential for them to be reliable enough to be there when the need arises.

Trust factor and communication:

Finally, the individual should be able to have an ease of communication and a level of trust on the person they employ as their personal security guards. Without this basic requirement met, they cannot let the other person take the responsibility of safeguarding them in the face of adversity.

Hence are the fundamental things to consider before hiring personal security guard services that every individual should adhere to secure the choicest service provider in the industry.

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