Top Six Safety tips for a Mobile Tower Worker to Remember

With the advance of modern technology, the use of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices has also become rampant. Needless to say, most of the wireless gadgets use radio wave signals and transmissions. For these electromagnetic waves, towers are erected to ensure smooth connectivity. These towers are monitored by mobile tower maintenance companies where officials perform numerous functions like tightening and strengthening of towers, installation of pole mounts, truncation of towers and many more. Needless to say, performing all these services involve a high risk of mishaps where there could be the loss of life too.
Hence it is necessary to adopt safety practices that will reduce the chance of suffering on-site hazards.

Some of the safety tips for cell tower construction and maintenance are:

1. Education & training– ‘Practice makes a man’, so goes the saying and it is applicable to every aspect of life; even for employees working in the mobile tower maintenance companies. The workers must be employed only after rigorous training and after they have done specific courses. These courses and training will enable them to know the safety methods, how to operate safely and reduce the risk of a mishap.

2. Safety provisions– Having safety apparatus or provisions is a mandatory requisite in all mobile tower maintenance companies. It is important to be aware of the working condition of these tools; it should suffice the need of the time and not give up prematurely. Helmet, lifeline, gloves, tool belts and lanyards are some of the tools that a cell tower worker must always have while working.

3. Always be in touch with your group– Maintaining a mobile tower is not at all dependent on only one person. It involves several actions like building, climbing and repairing that requires the intervention of many people. One wrong action can lead to a fatal result. Thus make sure there is a well-conceived plan and also a good coordination in the group.

4. Climatic conditions– Working on mobile towers when the weather conditions are bad can also be life-threatening. Water or snow, even in a small amount can induce fatal accidents. It is advisable to postpone the work until the weather conditions normalise or take safety precautions as the situation demands to overcome mishaps.

5. Reduce or turn-off power to RF emitters– Exposure to high radio magnetic waves can be harmful to an individual, leading to health hazards. To reduce the rate of exposure, do not forget to reduce the power to the RF emitters while working on the towers. The best thing would be to turn it off if possible to absolutely keep the exposure level at bay.

6. Protection against RF emission– It is important that the workers take necessary precaution against RF emission. They should wear exclusive protective clothing and also carry an RF personal monitor that will keep a check on the level of exposure. The clothing will also check the absorbed radiation levels and thereby reduce the risk of having health complications.

Conclusion– Working on mobile tower involves hazards and dangers like any other synonymous profession, like those who work in crane hiring companies. But being aware of the safety rules and regulations, can reduce the chances of such accidents and even save the lives of the workers.

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