Total Security Solutions with Automation

Recently, with the current pandemic situation, where businesses, offices and institutions either shut-down or working remotely or with half of the total capacity, security has become a primary concern among people from all walks of life. However, controlling, monitoring, operating or managing the security function of an office or a business premise apart from home premises have become rather difficult with the existing social distancing directives. Here is where automation in total security solutions can be of great help.

To highlight the importance and effectiveness of automation in security sectors, the in-house experts at S&IB Services Pvt. Ltd. have decided to devote this entire article to the subject.

Total security solutions with automation and possibilities offered by S&IB services:


Building Management Solution by S&IB offer a centralised and simplified solution for controlling, monitoring, operation and management of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and other building services. Using this microprocessor-based system, we ensure the safe and comfortable working environment while further facilitating efficient energy consumption and operation at reduced time and cost.

Visitor management:

Visitor management solution by S&IB is an efficient way of monitoring and controlling the incoming of a visitor to a premise. The system necessitates visitors to fill the required information as a registry which gets stored on the data cloud. The system prints a visitor badge using this information. It follows a hosted notification on the visitor’s arrival, while the visitor has to undergo a clearance check using the badge. The visitor is further required to submit the badge while leaving the premise.


Smart CMS solution by S&IB derives information from all security devices within the premise such as smoke sensor, panic button, door sensor, CCTV camera and more. The information hence derived are sent at a smart panel, from where they get stored on the internet cloud. It goes into application & DB server. The CMS users get notified of the same on their systems, in the dashboard via email and SMS. The user identifies the reason from Detail Dashboard and escalates the alarm depending upon the Escalation Matrix.

Smart CCTV solution:

Smart CCTV solution based on the automation facilitates controlling, detecting and monitoring unusual activity in the camera, such as camera video loss/wire cut, camera masking, net disconnection and more. They do the same by sending a mail in the configured mail id. All alarms will then be shown in the dashboard.

Smart SMS based home automation system, QR based attendance system, Smart GSM Base Burglar Alarm Panel and Grouting Alarm Activation Process are other automation based total security solutions offered by S&IB Services Pvt Ltd.

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