How Vital is Property Maintenance Services for a Building Owner

The role of a property maintenance company goes a long way in enhancing a property’s income and value. Many people think that property maintenance and management are similar services, in reality, it is like the two sides of the same coin. Although property management and maintenance services are different, both are interconnected. Whether it is the management of a residential/ corporate building, shopping mall, school or other commercial structures, when you avail of property maintenance services in India or elsewhere, you hire services for the appropriate maintenance of your property.

Property maintenance involves various aspects that center building maintenance management. In this blog, we shall highlight some of the most important facets of the same.

What is property maintenance?


The main aim of property maintenance is to keep your property in perfect condition all the time. Such services entail several tasks and implementation of a strategy to maintain your property efficiently. The services that comprise property maintenance include housekeeping, swimming pool management, water tank and pit cleaning, landscape and gardening, pest control and many more.

What is the significance of property maintenance services?


If your property is left unmaintained for a long time, there is a high chance of encountering frequent maintenance issues. Undermining the value of maintenance services for a property can never be done at any time. A poorly maintained building can call for potential disasters, injuries and accidents that any building owner would want to avoid. Some of the common hazards that have been reported due to inadequate building maintenance include fires, building material collapsing and causing death, health hazards (for example: if there are uncontrollable pests), slipping and falling and so on. It is natural that no property manager wants to encounter legal claims in courts or have negative reviews posted on the internet that would slander the company’s reputation. Thus to evade such serious complications, hiring property maintenance services in India or elsewhere forms an important part of a property manager’s job role.

Maintaining your building accurately results in reducing the risk of injuries not only for you but for your employees, tenants or visitors. Besides this, other reasons to have a good property maintenance system include:

    • Property value is increased :

When your property meets the basic maintenance standard, the value gets automatically increased. You don’t have to convince your potential buyers why your property deserves the stated price; they can see it for themselves. On the other hand, if your property demands repairs and replacement jobs in excess, the price of your property will get depreciated.

    • Tenants are satisfied :

If your building is properly maintained, you are likely to get more satisfied tenants who will think twice before violating the terms of the agreement. Besides, tenants will also promptly agree to pay the rent that you have mentioned at the time of the agreement.

    • Reduction in the overall expenditure :

A poorly maintained building calls for expenses every other day. For example: there is an increased reporting of accidents and injuries for which you are liable to provide compensation, frequent replacement of appliances and equipment and so on. A properly maintained building invites effective risk mitigation, reduced manual effort and certainly satisfied employees and tenants.

Conclusion: The secret behind ensuring maximum business productivity, and contented employees/tenants/clients is nothing more than maintaining your property efficiently. Doing it all alone is impracticable and for this reason, hiring professional property maintenance services in India is necessary. To know more about our services, get in touch with us on 91-33-25692800.

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