4 Ways Armed Security Guards Identify Suspicious Activities

The world is no longer a place where you help someone with a good heart and expect that person to return the favour. With the surging crime rates and miscreants on the prowl in our society, it is hard not to live our days with suspicion in our minds. Any kind of unusual behaviour and actions account for suspicious activities. With our highly effective senses, we can determine if there is any hint of suspicious activity going on around us. However, sometimes we overlook the details and fail to identify such doubtful actions, thereby allowing a crime to uncoil. In other words, when it comes to identifying any possible danger, we cannot always rely upon our senses. For this reason, one cannot turn a blind eye to the role of armed security guards in Kolkata. When you have such highly competent professionals inside your building, being constantly alert is not something you have to worry about.

Armed security guards keep your place protected and are always on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Want to know how they prove their expertise in spotting actions hinting at suspiciousness? Here are the ways:

1. An unknown person loitering on your property frequently

Your property is not constructed on barren land, where no one goes by. Of course, there would be people walking past your property. But beware! If anyone is seen lurking around your building almost everyday, take it as a sign of an upcoming attack. People with a wrong intention always wait for the right moment to attack, especially during the wee hours of the day or night. They gather information about their target and proceed accordingly. Whether you engage armed security guards in Kolkata or elsewhere, they keep a watch not only on the people entering and leaving your building but also on the entire perimeter of your property. They are quick enough to identify if any person has been hanging around your property regularly.

2. Loud noises or unusual smell

In case there are sudden loud noises like that of shattering glass, firing gunshots and breaking attempts or strange smell as that of acid, are all signs of suspicious activities. Security guards from an established corporate security company remain alert throughout their duty hours and respond quickly. Consequently, they seize the offender and take the necessary action.

3. Unauthorized packages

If any suspicious bags or packages lying on the premises of your building, security guards forbid everyone from touching them or going anywhere closer. Such packages can contain hazardous substances like weapons, bombs or drugs. After cordoning off the area near the suspicious package, your trusted armed security guards will inform the police to arrive and conduct further investigations.

4. A stranger in a parked vehicle near your property for a long time

Usually, experienced criminals keep an eye on their target property before launching their attack. They drive by your building several times to take a note of your regular activities and plot their plan of attack. As a business owner or homeowner, it is impossible to constantly keep a vigil on who’s parking their vehicle and sitting inside everyday for endless hours and observing your sphere activities. You’ve got other serious jobs to attend to, right? And this is the reason why armed security guards come to the play; they are trained to identify such suspicious people, investigate and if found guilty, handed over to the police. This is how they render protection to your building against such suspicious people.

Conclusion: The list of suspicious activities are endless; with the increase in crime rates every year, it is crucial to ensure maximum protection of your building to keep your occupants safe. So, with the best armed security guards in Kolkata on duty, say NO to anymore sleepless nights due to security threats. To know more about our security services, reach us on 91-33-25692800.